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Steve Sherwood

Steve Sherwood first began listening to electronic music in the late 90's when his younger sister unknowingly left a cassette tape with a live set by Carl Cox on the floor of his car. He quickly fell for the harder side of dance music and became a regular at underground raves held in the Arizona desert. In the summer of 2000, he moved to San Francisco and was transformed by the diverse local dance scene which included parties like Universe, Pleasuredome, Mass, Fag Fridays, and Trannyshack. After a year of immersing himself in San Francisco's vibrant nightlife Steve bought a pair of Technics turntables off of Craigslist and began crafting his own unique sound that incorporates elements of vocal, disco, tribal, and progressive house with occasional forays into techno and trance.

A decade later he finds himself travelling around the world, bringing his signature sound to parties in London, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Los Angeles. Steve is also honored to have his music featured on several syndicated podcasts including Joe.My.God, PLAY T-Dance, and Electronic Music Bears and receives rave reviews from SF local party blog The Juice Box. For more information and downloads of his music, please visit http://djstevesherwood.com/. />

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