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The Broni Mitchell Show

Audrey vs Marilyn

☆Why is is that society only seems to be able to digest feminine identities in the tropes of “Dumb Blonde” and “Intelligent Brunette”?

Maybe it’s because of shows like this that validate and support the power structures that oppress all of us..

...Anyway, Join your hosts Laundra Tyme, Scarlett Letters, and Guido Candito for this timeless showdown between two overwhelmingly iconic and tragically misunderstood Hollywood starlets. This month we are #blessed with the presence of two musical pinnacles Katya Smirnoff-Skyy and Au Jus that’ll blast you back to a time of nostalgia where women only had the options of collecting luxury goods for fun and/or keeping house for her husband.

With performances by…
Laundra Tyme
Scarlett Letters
Guido Candito
Katya Smirnoff Skyy
Au Jus
Mutha Chucka
Phatima Rude
and special guest Divine Miss Bovine!

The night will also include…

Our monthly meeting of the Broni Mitchell Beat Poetry Association!

An interpretive dance inspired by Beyonce’s Countdown music video performed by two dozen marionette puppets!

And a picture of someone’s dog!

Come early for our 9:30 preshow!

☆dance all night to the funky beats of DJ Mutha Chucka☆ and if YOU think you can hang with the IN CROWD come to our show in face with a CD and YOU can be in our Midnight IN CROWD show/ no appointments necessary!

☆Last but not least, our eternal birthday girl Phatima Rude at the door!

☾9:30, 10:30, & 12:00
☆☆$5 at the door

$4.00  •   First Thursdays

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